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About Ringleader

You Already Know How to Coordinate Online Advertising.
Why Should Mobile Be Any Different?

Ringleader is a mobile ad serving company and publisher network based in New York City. Founded in 2005, Ringleader, previously known as MoPhap, has developed the most robust ad serving platform in the mobile industry.
While Ringleader's competitors have been focused on exclusive access to inventory and a closed network model, Ringleader has rocketed to the forefront of the industry with open inventory access, giving publishers the ability to do what they want with their inventory, and by being the first in mobile to offer 3rd party ad serving.

Ringleader is also dedicated to creating unique format solutions for advertisers and publishers– ---- serving not only banner and poster ads, Ringleader's proprietary technology also allows for the serving of Interstitial and Mobi-2-Step ads.

Our diverse team approaches the mobile ad serving space from a different angle than many of our competitors. Combining lessons learned from our days on the web, with knowledge of wireless technologies and traditional marketing, we are looking to change the way both the advertising industry and the consumers think about the mobile marketing space.

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