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Should I Buy A Mountain Bike or A Road Bike

There are many choices you can make if you are planning to get a fitness machine. There are wide range if Bikes which are available in the market. If you are wondering how using bikes can benefit you, then you should learn few basic things about it first.

There are many aspects which include when you are making your first road bike purchase. Before all of that you must know your requirements first or else you may end up buying the wrong one instead. Like we have mentioned that there are many aspects that you have a look into before you buy a new bike, then let me show you few benefits and what are the things you need to look into it.

How Can Bikes Benefit Me?

Let’s assume that you are purchasing a Bike for the fitness purpose then you must realize that not every cycle is made to that level.

Benefits and Things You Have To Look Into

  • Many brands promise to deliver a lightweight Bike, but you end up buying a latest and heavy model of it, which is not easy to carry from one place to another.
  • Almost every brand’s designs and manufacturer a bike which can last for years.
  • If you are planning to buy a Bike which is on a budget, then make sure to check the different stores and even online for the best price.
  • While the purchase of a new Bike, check the Handles, Gears, Tyres and the suspensions because they are the vital parts of any cycle, which will give you the best result.
  • If you are planning to travel to your office and work then make sure to buy a cycle with Headlights and High-quality seats.

Should I Buy A Mountain Bike or A Road Bike?

Since you know that Road Bikes and Mountain Bikes are different from one and another, then it would be difficult to compare it. Let’s assume that your requirement is to travel from Office to work then Road Bikes is right for you. If you are not able to maintain it properly, then Mountain Bikes are ideal. Since there are so many aspects which you have to keep in your mind before selecting then you can check out the benefits of each and then decide, which one suits you.

Road Bikes

  • Road bikes are common among the children but there are also Bikes which are made for adults and they can provide you the comfort and features that can help you to stay fit.
  • Road bikes are cheap in cost and they don’t have features like Mountain Bikes does. If you are going to use it for fitness and regular travel then it can do standard task for you.

 Mountain Bike

  • Mountain bikes have many features or you can address it as perfect bike for an adult. Mountain Bikes are well-equipped with Instant brakes, Better Shock absorbers with better suspension, shock absorbing tires, head lights, sturdy handle, decent balance and more.
  • The cost of a Mountain Bike is higher than Road Bikes and the weight of the unit is also greater than a regular bike.
  • However, Mountain Bikes are made for those who don’t have time to maintain and also last long for years.


If you are planning to buy one then make sure to check the reviews online. It will help you in buying the right one for you. If you are focusing on much better user experience then a Mountain Bike is the right one for you. If you have any ideas or questions in your mind then make sure to comment below.

How Fast Can 10mm People Color An Island?

The Blogosphere can’t get enough of the visual social app “Color”, but they also can’t find anyone around them using it. Maybe they should come to NYC, 10mm people on a small island seems to be a dense enough population to make the app explode into the social mainstream.

I’m fairly strong when it comes to understanding technology and business concepts and while I can’t seem to put the app down I still don’t completely understand its impact. I’d put it as a cross between Twitter, Foursquare with pictures and Facebook without security.

Twitter and Foursquare have been successful for a lot of reasons but primarily IMHO from being completely open and transparent. Color is taking that to a new level by adding in some special sauce to the social voyeur cocktail, pictures and video crossed with location.

Where the question mark is for me, is on the social connections side. MySpace had poor security controls giving everyone access to see everything. Ultimately this made the social network turn into a lead gen site for the adult industry.

Basically the question remains for me and the very little I know about Color, is it ok to connect people geographically, socially, and visually without a profile page? The fast adoption I’m seeing in NYC says yes to me, but I’m not sure about the long-term game on this one…I’m thinking creepy, stalking, voyeurs may wreck the potential.…

MMA And GSMA Want What We Got


The explosion of interactive technology in recent years has led to what seems to be an unending concern over user privacy – and rightfully so.  As consumers, we worry that any small piece of personal information, no matter how sacred, can be harvested by advertising and marketing agencies looking to make an extra buck.  Facebook seems to be engulfed in a privacy scandal every other day.  Google and Mozilla have incorporated “do not track” features into their web browsers in order to prevent government regulation. Privacy is obviously a big, big issue with people.

As the mobile industry, and consequently, mobile advertising continues to rise, major associations have begun taking steps to ensure that user data is treated respectfully and responsibly. The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), a global non-profit trade association comprised of over 700 mobile marketing players has established a Global Code of Conduct, a set of privacy regulation principles for all members to follow.

Late last month, the GSMA, an association of over 800 mobile operators, released their Mobile Privacy Principles.  We at Ringleader are proud to say that our own privacy policies not only meet the expectations of these two industry-defining documents but go well beyond their expected requirements.

Both the MMA’s and the GSMA’s guidelines focus primarily on the concepts of transparency and notice.  “Notice”, as defined in the MMA’s Global Code of Conduct“ should include information sufficient enough to permit a user to make an informed decision about his or her choices on how that information is used for that marketing program.”  In other words, you have to let people decide how their info is going to be used.’

GSMA adds that transparent mobile companies “shall be open and honest with users and will ensure users are provided with clear, prominent and timely information regarding their identity and data privacy practices.”

Or, simply, “You gotta communicate.” And we agree.

We at Ringleader have provided our full privacy policy right on our website, which you can find here.  We tell our users what we do collect (“non-personally identifiable information from your device, such as Carrier IP addresses, the request url, as well as http headers from the ad requests coming from participating websites”) and what we do not (“information that identifies you personally, such as your name, address, telephone number, or your or e-mail address”).

This means “We only collect stuff that doesn’t identify you as a person, and not your contact info.” Additionally, we include the date when any updates to our privacy policy are made, and we welcome questions, which can always be directed to

Third, there is a high priority today placed on the concept of purpose and use.  As the MMA states “Mobile Marketers must take reasonable steps to ensure that user information they collect for the purpose of delivering targeted advertising is handled responsibly, sensitively, and in compliance with applicable law.”  At Ringleader, we use data collected only to deliver to you relevant ads, to ensure that you don’t see the same ad too many times, and to assist advertisers in crafting the most effective campaigns possible.  Nothing less, nothing more.

Believe it or not, we do this for the consumer. Yes, our clients want to make an extra buck. But they don’t want to talk to the uninterested. WE don’t want to target the uninterested. Our clients have a product or service that may be truly be beneficial – to the right audience.

The state of today’s mobile privacy landscape ultimately rests on one paramount principle: that the rights of the user – your rights – are to remain intact.  The MMA and the GSMA have provided guidelines to achieve that and we at Ringleader whole-heartedly believe all mobile advertising companies and platforms should follow their lead.  Only through a transparent and open system can we provide the most enjoyable and effective mobile experience.