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Ringleader Digital’s Viral Click-To-Call Campaign Captures Attention Of Mobile Device Owners

Next-generation mobile advertising company Ringleader Digital, today announced the mounting success of its creative, mobile click-to-call campaign designed to promote Magnolia Pictures’ latest horror movie, “The Signal.” By using the one feature every phone has, the ability to make and receive phone calls, Ringleader’s viral campaign has yielded a 16 percent response rate within its target demographic, meaning that thousands of people to date have clicked to hear “The Signal.”

Approached by Magnolia Pictures’ media agency, Media Storm, Ringleader seized the opportunity to use the hottest new marketing medium, mobile, to spread the word – or in this case, the sound. Seeking an innovative campaign that would grab the attention of movie goers, the agencies toyed with the idea of a click-to-video campaign. However, to maximize reach, Ringleader advised a click-to-call campaign – offering a creative solution that soon had mobile phone users interacting to create movie buzz.

“The mobile medium is one of the most useful channel available to marketers today,” said Craig Woerz, Managing Partner of Media Storm. “Much like TVs are in nearly every home, most people now carry a mobile device. With the right partner, like Ringleader, you can reach those people and engage them on the spot. The success and high response rate we’ve experienced through Ringleader’s campaign has encouraged us to recommend mobile advertising elements as part of future projects.”

The campaign initially relies upon a mobile banner that invites fans to click the ad, an action that sends them to the movie’s mobile Web site. Created by Ringleader, this site offers people a chance to hear the signal, send the sound to a friend or read a film synopsis. Moments after clicking on the “Listen to the Signal” option, a call comes through the user’s handset. When answered, the call plays the same noise responsible for chillingly transforming the movie’s characters into mass murderers.

Also through the ad site, users can read a film synopsis or send the mesmerizing signal noise to their friends. The independent film tells the story of innocent people transformed into sociopathic killers after listening to sounds and viewing images transmitted through their television sets.

“‘The Signal’ project exemplifies how innovative advertising campaigns can and should cross from one screen to the other,” said Bob Walczak, CEO of Ringleader. “And, the beauty of it is how easily that capability grows your opportunities to capture minds. The mobile element complemented other online components – it didn’t mirror them. The click-to-call program gave Media Storm the next medium through which to reach tech savvy people with a catchy, viral campaign.”

In addition to managing the click-to-call element, Ringleader Digital sourced ad inventory on mobile Web pages frequented by Media Storm’s target demographic as well as created the WAP site. The click-to-call program hit the third screen on February 19 just in time for the February 22 movie release.