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How Fast Can 10mm People Color An Island?

The Blogosphere can’t get enough of the visual social app “Color”, but they also can’t find anyone around them using it. Maybe they should come to NYC, 10mm people on a small island seems to be a dense enough population to make the app explode into the social mainstream.

I’m fairly strong when it comes to understanding technology and business concepts and while I can’t seem to put the app down I still don’t completely understand its impact. I’d put it as a cross between Twitter, Foursquare with pictures and Facebook without security.

Twitter and Foursquare have been successful for a lot of reasons but primarily IMHO from being completely open and transparent. Color is taking that to a new level by adding in some special sauce to the social voyeur cocktail, pictures and video crossed with location.

Where the question mark is for me, is on the social connections side. MySpace had poor security controls giving everyone access to see everything. Ultimately this made the social network turn into a lead gen site for the adult industry.

Basically the question remains for me and the very little I know about Color, is it ok to connect people geographically, socially, and visually without a profile page? The fast adoption I’m seeing in NYC says yes to me, but I’m not sure about the long-term game on this one…I’m thinking creepy, stalking, voyeurs may wreck the potential.…